Monday, October 4, 2010

Rattlesnake Lake

Well it’s days like this that make the long winter, the sunless days all worth it.

  To enjoy the beautiful North West in all its glory. This is what is hiding behind clouds 80% of the year. Paul and I made the hike at our favorite spot, Rattlesnake Lake. 

It was exactly a year ago that we took these shots. Paul set up the tripod, put the camera and a timer and ran like a madman to make it in time for the picture. I definitely wasn’t about to go on this hike then. But here are one year later, with our baby on the outside to enjoy it with us :)

We hiked 2.5 miles up and when we got there we took in this glorious view. As I was taking pictures I noticed the camera said the haunting words “No Memory Card.” Noooo! That morning we had uploaded pictures and forgot to put it back in. Bad timing for this glorious day.

Luckily I met a kind girl, Sarah, who gladly took many pictures of us with her camera. It turns out she is an artist and these pictures turned out much better than they would have with our camera or just a stranger taking one or two. So thank you Sarah! I guess things work out for a reason sometimes. Needless to say it was a beautiful day and Sam loved the hike :)

Some New Stuff :)

Well to start things off the other morning I was busy doing something. Sam was her usual self exploring around and I turned around and she had gotten into the laundry basket by herself! Without a peep! I don't know how she did it, but she loves laundry, what can I say?

Later she showed me her serious face.

This is my attempt at taking a pregnancy shot. Still working on a place, thanks for the self portrait inspiration Jessica. I think this is about 8 weeks.

Sam's rather a handful these days when it comes to eating. She is a picky girl, but occasionally will let one of us spoon feed her, when it's a nice sugary treat, like homemade applesauce.

She loves to make a mess and look cute while doing it :)