Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cookies

I love this time of year. The wreaths made of pine, the smells of cinnamon and sugar, and the festivities that fill your calendar up to the brim of Christmas day. But there is one thing about this time of year that I’m not so fond of this year and that’s the cookies.

Last night I partook in a wonderful cookie exchange party between the 10 moms there were 11 different types of cookies. My friend and I hosted so of course staying after everyone had left means I got double the amount of cookies. When I left the party last night with my 3 Tupperware containers full of cookies I thought to myself, “these are going to be yummy, I can’t wait to share them.”
Then I got home and one after another I took a bite and then I had to eat the whole thing. My husband with the ever strong will of self control chose one accordingly, a coconut macaroon and was satisfied with his choice.
This morning I woke up making breakfast for my little girl-of course no cookies for her. But for myself I thought I might have a Reese’s peanut butter cup cookie. And then just a plain peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips, then we went out for some errands. A cookie or 3 more when we got home, and I switched from my favorite peanut butter cookies to the chocolate cordial cherry, which was ever so delightful. I devised a list to use in case you’re wondering if you’re eating too many cookies.
1.       You start to esteem the ingredients in the cookies as being healthy. For example, the peanut butter is a good source of protein. The cherry counts as a fruit.
2.       You sit down to a plate balanced nutritious food and all you can think about are cookies and how you’d rather be eating one.
3.       You go to the gym and instead of feeling great from working out you never reach that point of feeling great, but just feel tired and out of gas.
4.       You start counting the many ways that you hate cookies.
5.       You devise a plan to get the cookies out of reach, but know that just putting them in the freezer isn’t enough. So you take it to the next level. Put them in a duck taped box in the freezer.
6.       Tell yourself that you’re going to eat something healthy when you’re done writing this blog instead of eating another cookie!
And that my friend is why I am done with cookies for the holiday season! I am giving my 3 large Tupperware’s of cookies away! And I am praying for self control!
*And folks this pic includes only one container of the cookies that I have left.


  1. Ha ha! I know what you mean! I have finally started to just send any excess sweets to work with Josh so he can share it with the staff.

  2. I laughed so hard reading this cause I know exactly what you mean. Those darn cookies...or anything sweet. I think it's a defective gene.